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Now that you have found us, you can stop looking for your A-team to get you red carpet ready! As a leading team of mobile hair and makeup artists, at Makeup Melbourne we provide our clients with exquisite services at affordable prices, because we believe that amazing celebrity styles should be available to everyone, not just celebrities. Whether you require wedding hair and makeup or need to look your best for an upcoming event or photo-shoot, our experienced stylists and makeup artists will ensure you achieve the look you always wanted.

Our artists have over 14 years experience and have been trained in Australia, India, Germany, Greece, Dubai and the US – bringing you the latest trends and products.

Carrie was recently trained by Kim Kardashian’s no 1 makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic of 10 years, in Chicago. This workshop reignited Carrie’s passion for beautiful, classy makeup in a world full of heavy coverage, lashes and tasteless makeup tutorials on Instagram. It is easy to get caught up in the “trends” posted on Instagram by beauty influencers however, in person the looks are too heavy, unrealistic and masculine. Many of the trends online are not able to be used in the real world as the looks are too harsh and will age you by 10 years and not to mention, probably make you look like a man! Have you ever questioned why there are so many male beauty bloggers and instagrammers who apparently just pop on makeup and all of a sudden they look like a beautiful young female? This “trend” is not because of their beautiful makeup application or skill, it is because the makeup trends of today are too harsh and make women look more masculine. Men aren’t looking more like women, women are looking more like men with makeup! We need to put the softness and beauty back into makeup to create youthful tasteful makeup looks that are completely flawless. If you have ever tried to re-create the popular Instagram looks yourself at home, you were probably really disappointed with the outcome but rest assure it is not your lack of makeup application skills, it is the application that is not realistic to be replicated in real life. All the fancy contouring techniques and brushes etc are not used by the best celebrity artists in the world, they are used by Instagram influencers because it is new and entertaining and they obtain “likes” for the techniques and more importantly, are sponsored by the products your going to buy to recreate the look at home. Its commerciality! You will not ever see any successful makeup artist doing such things as it only takes one bad picture for careers to be ruined in this industry. We want your pictures to come out amazing but we also want you to look even better in real life, with tasteful makeup that makes you look completely flawless.

We offer our clients a mobile bridal hair and makeup service, because we understand that you don’t have time to come to us, after all you should be sitting back with your closest friends and family enjoying the morning of your wedding.

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