Hot Tips

Follow these five essential tips to be sure your bridal makeup trial is a success!

1 – Book Your Makeup Trials Well In Advance

Today’s bride knows how important getting Red Carpet Ready is and how important it is to get a makeup artist and hairstylist who can achieve this for them, and this is why these lovely ladies book a lot earlier than what is stated in wedding magazines. This is because they know how high in demand some makeup artists can be, and to avoid disappointment, some even book more than 18 months in advance to make sure they get who they want.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your bridal makeup trials to the last minute, after all you want your hair and makeup to be as perfect as your gown. A smart plan? Start your trials as much as 12 months, and at least 3 months, before your wedding day. Then be prepared to touch base again in the weeks leading up to the wedding to do a run-through of your preparation for the day.

Why start so far in advance? You definitely want plenty of time to experiment until you find look that suits you and you wedding style and will work in front of the camera. In order to get the best makeup look your skin may need some preparation work and this may involve a new skincare regime in order to get amazing skin by your wedding.

Don’t rely on facials or beauty appointments to get your skin in order last minute – you must have a great routine with suited products to use every day at home. Salon appointments can only achieve 30% results,  the other 70% is at home.  3 months is the minimum amount of time needed to see amazing results.

 2 – Book A.M. Appointments

Most brides will get up early on their wedding day due to nerves an excitement, however most brides will need to be up at the crack of dawn to spend several hours getting glammed up by their makeup artist and hairstylist. By scheduling your makeup trials in the morning too you’ll be able to review how your makeup lasts throughout the day and be confident that your look won’t be compromised by starting early. Be sure to take note of what needs to be done throughout to keep it looking fresh.

Another trick? Try to book in on a day you have a special event to go to – your engagement party or another friends wedding for example. Or look at is as a fun project to keep your spirits and excitement high about your upcoming nuptials, it’s a really good way to get into ‘bride mode’.

3 – Natural Is Not Always Best

Keep in mind that the best makeup artist has many objectives: how you look in person; what is going to suit the lenses of the photographer and videographer; what makeup works in a variety of lights – natural indoors and outdoors as well as day and night; plus of course what brings out your best features and the style of the hair and gown and the overall look you are wanting to achieve. A lot is going on in the mind of your makeup artist.

So don’t be too quick to wipe it off if you don’t like it initially, sometimes we need to try things we wouldn’t normally. Firsty, ask your makeup artist why they have chosen to be more heavy/light/bright/muted etc than you expected, sometimes when things are explained they make a lot of sense. You should also take a lot of pictures and see how the makeup application is coming up on film, you may have found the celebrity you!!

That said if you feel your makeup artist have gotten it completely wrong don’t be scared to speak up and have the makeup worked on until you are happy and feel amazing!! If your not confident, this will effect your mood, how you feel and interact – this is YOUR day and your time to shine!!!

4 – Speak Up!

You can never have too much information or ask too many questions (though you may have to stop talking at some point – tricky to apply gloss to a mouth that is moving at a hundred miles per hour). 

As well as images take along some written notes on key points include date of wedding, location of ceremony and reception; how much time to be spent outdoors; expected temperature/conditions; colour of the bouquets/boutonnieres/ties and bridesmaid gowns; your favourite colours of shadow and gloss and if you plan on getting a spray tan. Homework always gets rewarded!

5 – Let Me Take a Selfie

This is our permission to you to take as many selfies as you can!! Now there’s a challenge……take pictures as soon as you jump out of the chair and throughout the entire day/night you’ll then be able to review how the makeup worked for the camera. Make sure to take some pictures in a white /cream top so you can see how it will look against your dress!!!

Above all have fun with your trials, at Makeup Melbourne we understand the stresses of the modern bride and how important it is to you to achieve your desired look. Each artist at Makeup Melbourne has over 10 years experience, we are warm, open, sincere and most of all TALENTED.

We guarantee you will love your makeup trial and offer a money back guarantee on all trials*. Book your trial now to change your outlook on beauty for life!

Testimonials: I felt like the most beautiful version of myself,  my skin looked like porcelain and my eyes popped. I felt like a princess marrying her king – Gabrielle Parsons